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The Ardent Companies hired Jill in August 2016 to represent us in a case that consisted of an existing tenant in one of our shopping centers going to the governing municipality in order to prevent another, newer, tenant from opening their business after receiving all the necessary approvals from that municipality.  We chose Jill because of her reputation and successes as a litigator in the State of Georgia and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome she delivered.


Jill was instrumental in negotiating with not only the Tenant and their counsel responsible for blocking the newer Tenant from opening but she also negotiated with the municipality and the newer Tenant to make sure that all parties came to a satisfactory agreement.  Her attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively, and her desire to assist in any way possible to get an agreement done was a breath of fresh air. 


Our situation was a little unusual and required some thinking outside the box and problem solving.  Jill was always willing to engage in conversation/sharing ideas and was very professional in her timing of knowing when to “push” and when to “back off” with both us and the people she was negotiating against.


In short, it was a pleasure working with Jill.  We were thrilled with how she handled our case and of course the results she produced.  I would unhesitatingly recommend her and her services to anyone, and plan to use her again when future issues arise.







Jill has guided us through complex litigation matters and has always been diligent and thoughtful in the process.  While often complicated, Jill reduces the information to terms we can fully understand and feel comfortable with the decisions we have to make.  Jill excels in the courtroom and depositions and seeing her in action always reaffirms our decision to have her represent us.


Sean Belnick

CEO, Belnick Incorporated


Jill handles a great abundance of our litigation, which speaks to the confidence we have in her, the results she has obtained over a seven year period and the efficiency of her operation.

Mark King

Managing Director, Rialto Capital Advisors

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